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Poker Copilot for Mac

Poker has become one of the biggest games played online and as more and more people join the game more skill and strategy comes into play. In order to monitor your opponents strategy and have an understanding of how they play you need a HUD on your poker tables. As usual, Mac users are left with few options for poker tracking and analysing software but Poker Copilot has met that need in the market by providing an excellent poker software tracker for Mac, this App is called Poker Copilot.

“Poker Copilot helps players improve their game with easy-to-interpret statistics and real-time analysis” – Pokercopilot.com

RIP Steve Jobs – Our Hero

“Steve Jobs is the reason this website exists, we have him to thank for bringing the most innovative products to the world for such a long time. Words can not express our thoughts and love for his meaning in our lives. He was true visionary and he was almost to powerful for the world. Having survived cancer for years, it finally got the best of him and he now rests in peac

e. The team here at AppYourMac want to express our biggest thanks to the man who made technology the funnest and most entertaining part of our lives. He will always be remembered and may he rest in peace.”

Why is Apple letting the competition heat up this summer?

The Key Note Apple hosted before the summer , informed the world of the upcoming lineup Apple had in store, OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud.  However I’m sure every Apple fan noticed they did not announce nor even hint at the possibility of the next generation in the iPhone range to come out soon.

Thunderbolt: No need for HDMI or USB!

The recent update in the Macbook Pro line was announced a while back and one of the features apple loved talking about was their new Thunderbolt connection. Thunderbolt is a new connection that uses I/O technology that supports high-performance data transfer and high-resolution displays through a single port. This revolutionary connection has left people gob smacked, even the most up-to-date apple fan boys!

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac

Wondershare announced the significant release of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac in Dec of 2010. It offers a complete perfect solution to convert video and audio files, rip DVDs, copy and burn DVDs, and download online videos with one click from video sharing sites. This is a good time for you to release your Mac disk space with one integrated program.

Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac: A super Mac YouTube Downloader and Converter

Now of days YouTube is a lot of people’s home page for their browser, this is due to the everlasting online video content it provides. Who doesn’t love watching their favorite celebrity go crazy or some humorous cats loosing it at their owners. But why not take this online video experience to the next level by having it in your iTunes saved as a movie file, which may also be synced with your iPhone or iPod! And is available to watch regardless of Internet connection. Now you can with Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac.

Disk Drill: Is your deleted data alive!?

How many times have you deleted some piece of work that you found out a month later was more important that you thought? Have you ever deleted a movie and had an unstoppable craving to watch it the week later? Even those family pictures from a few months ago that your kid accidently deleted when cleaning the trash? Well now there is a chance for them to be recovered!

Nisus Thesaurus: Offering a thesaurus in your mac

Being a student it can be frustrating not having a thesaurus in arms reach 24/7. You never know when you might finish off that English essay and wow there is a difference when using a thesaurus to produce an essay. However being a mac fan boy I almost always have my MacBook near by so what better way to replace my oversized thesaurus with an application on my mac.

Nisus Thesaurus is a simple and easy to use application for your mac.  As stated by Nisus “Mac OS X comes with built-in spell checking for many applications but why stop there? Now you can have an integrated thesaurus as well”. And they could not be more right. Why not avail of something that is free.

Art Text 2: Make that text funky!

Art Text 2 IconIf you have an interest in creating logos, and you would like a fun and easier way to make logos, then Art Text 2 is the application for you! Art Text 2 is an application based on creating fun logos and adding art to your text. I find it quite hard to be original and creative when it comes to making logos, but Art Text 2 really does give you inspiration.

Art Text 2 does not only create funky logos, but also Headings, Buttons and Icons. This great application really lets you take advantage of creating designs and funky looking graphics. Even though the application does state that it is an text to art application, the features are endless on this app itself.