Disk Drill: Is your deleted data alive!?

How many times have you deleted some piece of work that you found out a month later was more important that you thought? Have you ever deleted a movie and had an unstoppable craving to watch it the week later? Even those family pictures from a few months ago that your kid accidently deleted when cleaning the trash? Well now there is a chance for them to be recovered!

Disk Drill is a unique application offering out-standing data recovery exclusively to mac users. Disk Drill’s main feature is the Data Recovery, allowing you to recover lost data from your mac or an external drive. Even if the data is corrupted or damaged, Disk Drill will still serve its purpose. Its easy-to-use interface allows users to get the most out of the application. The Mac data recovery software will help you recover what is still available on a binary level.

Upon opening the application you are met with a tutorial option which I would highly recommend taking. It outlines some facts; one being the fact that not all data can be recovered but using Disk Drill improves your chances dramatically. I really admire developers that speak the full truth about their software regardless of the fact that people don’t want to hear it. Disk Drill developers “Cleverfiles” fulfill this statement.

Disk Drill features a Recovery Vault technology which prevents data loss from your mac. It helps you protect data from accidental deletion and other file system errors. You can start using Recovery Vault from the second Disk Drill is installed, even on external drives such as your iPod or USB Flash Drive.

What types of files can you recover with Disk Drill? The answer is “everything”. Disk Drill can recover data from any media, regardless of what format it is in: HFS/HFS+, FAT, NTFS. If it is impossible to read the file system, Disk Drill will attempt to recover any lost data in binary mode. Any external drives can be scanned and analyzed: external hard drives, iPod, iPhone, camera and memory cards.

You might be thinking “God this thing will take hours and all I wanted was that photo I deleted last week” but the response is that it will not take “hours”. Disk Drill avails you of three options, which are Deep Scan, Recover from Vault or Quick Scan.

Deep Scan mode can take up to several hours but it is very effective, it may result in recover an overwhelming amount of files. The Quick Scan or Recover from Vault modes quickly analyze existing file system catalog and recover deleted files surprisingly fast.

A worthwhile mentioning feature of Disk Drill that caught my eye was its “selection option” to which type of file you would like to recover. Even though this is merely a small feature, I do feel it is worth outlining and I do feel it is a very relevant feature to the task you wish to undertake.

Another feature I admired from Disk Drill was its uninstalling one click button into the application’s preferences. I am aware that this exists in other applications but I just admired this when investigating all the extras the application has to offer.

To top off the extra features, Disk Drill has a Master-password setting allowing you to have a high level of security when using your application and after all, you can never have to much security.

Disk Drill is currently FREE due to it is still in beta version, however once the final product is released there sure will be a price tag for this app. We would like to thank Cleverfiles for letting us conduct this review and we give our best regards towards the further development of this application.


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